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DISCOVERER: A tool for solving semi-algebraic systems

DISCOVERER is a package developed by Bican Xia using Maple language, which provides some functions for studying real solutions of semi-algebraic systems. The package is free for use in research and teaching.

The package and documentations can be downloaded here.


A system in the form of [P,G1,G2,H] is called a semi-algebraic system (SAS), where P=[p_1,...,p_s], G1=[g1_1,...,g1_r], G2=[g2_1,...,g2_t], H=[h_1,...,h_m] and
h_1<>0,...,h_m<>0 ( ¡°<>¡± stands for "not equal").
Herein, p(i), g1(j), g2(k), h(l) are all polynomials in Q[u,x] , u=(u_1,...,u_d) are parameters and x=(x_1,...,x_n) variables with s>0, d>=0. An SAS is called a parametric SAS if d>0 and a constant system otherwise. For a given SAS, we are interested in the following problems.

  1. Constant£¨d=0£©
    • 1.1 Does the system have real solutions? The dimension of real solutions?;
    • 1.2 If the dimension is zero, what is the number of real solutions? And, how to isolate the real solutions?
  2. Parametric£¨d>0£©
    • 2.1 What is the condition the parameters must satisfy for the system to have real solutions?
    • 2.2 What is the condition on the parameters such that dimension of real solutions of the system is positive? What is the dimension?
    • 2.3 What is the necessary and sufficient condition on the parameters such that the system has a prescribed number of real solutions?

DISCOVERER can answer the questions listed above [ 1£­10 ].

Main Features

The main features of DISCOVERER include

About the concepts involved, please refer to [3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10].


The documentations can be downloaded (site1or site2) together with the package.


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